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Our impact on others

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You can motivate someone in your first meet. Normally we do have sense of humor and we are human beings. When we meet someone first time we usually hesitate to talk with. But that hesitation is with you as you are. Actually scientists says that you simply understand first met man in only 3 seconds. Like, when you see something that is dangerous and you will run or do something to get rid of that. That's the sense which every living beings hold.

Come to the point that we each have different ways of looking at the world and these determine how we perseive events and people. If we understanf the way spmeone else looks at things (and us), we can adapt the way we behave to have greater impact. Of course we dont have to, but its nice to have the choice.
An understanding of the different motivational drivers we have and how this affects the way we interpret other people’s behavior.
Appreciation for the impact each motivational driver tends to have on the others.
Knowledge of what your motivational driver is likely to be.
Recognition of your strengths and the likely impact that your way of looking at the world has on the different types of people around you.
Decided what practical action you can take to increase your impact on others.

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