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Life is not that cheap to suicide!!!!

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 Nowadays the suicide cases of Nepalese is growing. As I know in Japan when someone suicides on railroad, died ones family should bear over about 100 million JPY. Everyone knows life is not so simple but we need to struggle to go forward. When you give up that is the end of your life. Suicide is not the solution, it will hamper each and every person who depends upon you. The thing is about you, your family, relatives, your nearest and dearest ones and about the nation, as we all thinking and stepping forward to make it able to stand. Don't think only about you. There are many n many of others after you, think about your family before you do something. 
Its not only the matter happening in Japan. Its increasing day by day in the whole world. This is not only the case of Nepalese, its the problem of the whole world. 
Beware and think about it.

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